Home Watch and Concierge Services

Home Watch and Concierge Services


Gain peace of mind by having Swiss Property Watch take care of your property while you are away. A vacant home is a vulnerable home, especially with so many seasonal homeowners in Southwest Florida. In fact, burglary rates in our area are highest during the peak season for vacant homes, which is in August. An alarm system is important, but property watch services are a must to keep your home from looking like it’s vacant and vulnerable to thieves. With our home monitoring service you can sleep well, knowing your property is safe and protected. We will take care of all of your home watch needs from running the water through the pipes, checking for pests in your home, or looking for leaks, and keeping your property clear of litter or unsolicited mail and flyers. We will respond if the alarm system goes off, and be sure your sprinkler systems are running properly.

Whether it’s an investment property or your vacation home, your SWFL real estate is one of your most valuable assets. Don’t leave its care in the hands of your neighbors or an uncertified home watch company. Marianne has trained and certified through the Home Watch Training program of Your Home Watch Professionals. This means she is trained and tested, insured and bonded, has passed a background check and undertaken ongoing education and training. Marianne has the experience and resources to handle any situation and is fully committed to the Seasonal Resident’s property in Lee County from Cape Coral, and Fort Myers, to Bonita Springs and Naples. Certain conditions in Florida are like few other places in the world, and you need to be aware of the way they can affect your vacation home. For example, did you know that mold can develop


Here is a full list of our Home Watch services:

  • Scheduling of general property maintenance with upkeep every week
  • Hurricane preparation and post disaster inspections ( Hurricane, Tropical StormStorm, Power Outages)
  • Removing mail from mail box
  • Removing of debris on and around property
  • Monitoring and maintaining indoor environmental settings
  • Checking appliances and lighting
  • Pest control checking and scheduling
  • Maintaining faucets and showers and flush toilets
  • Lawn and pool services
  • Residential cleaning
  • Interior and exterior repair scheduling

Special Services tailored to your unique needs. If you don’t see it listed here, please ask us!


Concierge Services


We also offer concierge services such as picking you up at the airport, and running errands. We provide vehicle care such as driving your car short distances every week to keep the battery running. We will supervise any contractors that come to make repairs, and wait for deliveries. Again, if there’s something you need to ensure that your stay here in Southwest Florida is enjoyable, or your vacation home is fully taken care of, just ask.


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