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3 Reasons I’m Your Home Watch Professional Affiliate Part 1

3 Reasons I’m Your Home Watch Professional Affiliate Part 1
  • Fri Aug 2 2019, 12:35 pm
By Swiss Property Watch

Part 1: It’s all in the training

By Marianne Zeltner

You may have noticed the Your Home Watch Professional logo in the upper right hand corner of my website and wondered what it is there for.

Your Home Watch Professionals trains home watch professionals and helps them launch their own home watch business. Founder, Diane Pisani, is dedicated to establishing best practices in the industry. Her mission is to educate Seasonal Residents, Realtors, Insurance Professionals, and everyone that works with part time home-owners to the importance of home watch service and how to hire a professional home watch provider.

The home watch industry is not regulated. There is no license requirement or any other prerequisite. Keys are given to a “Neighbor Doing a Favor,” well-meaning individuals who think home watch is an “easy business,” and some downright scoundrels. Many do not have insurance or a registered business. 

Neighbors may not show up regularly or know what to look for. Damage occurs. The untrained provider may not know how to regulate humidity or recognize irregularities. Damage occurs. Scoundrels take the money and do not make visits, they may let friends use the home and have even rented an unsuspecting client’s home for cash! Damage occurs.

I am an affiliate business of Your Home Watch Professionals; all of us are independently owned and operated. As an affiliate I have successfully completed the Home Watch Training Program, I am insured and bonded, I have passed a background check and I take part in ongoing training, as well as regular testing. You can trust the person you give the key to your most valued asset.

To find out more about my Exceptional Home Watch Visit, give me a call at 1-855-200-1990.

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