Home Watch & Concierge

Gain peace of mind by having Swiss Property Watch take care of your property while you are away. With our home monitoring service you can sleep peacefully, knowing your property is safe and protected.  We will take care of all of your property management needs from flushing the pipes, checking for pests or leaks in your home and keeping your property clear of litter, flyers and unsolicited mail. We also offer concierge services such as picking you up at the airport and running errands.



Vacation Rentals

By combining vacation rental services with property watch services, we will provide you with the best of both worlds for your investment property. From check-In’s to paying the rent we will handle all your vacation rental needs. Marianne is a knowledgeable hostess for both domestic and European guests. Being fluent in Swiss-German, German, French and English, she can make guests fell right at home. She will take great care oft hem and your property, ensuring return rentals again and again.

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Property Management

At Swiss Property Watch, we take property management seriously to ensure that your investment property maintains and in many cases gains in value during the years that it is in our capable hands. With Home Watch Service we make sure your property is kept safe and protected from disasters. But Property Management done properly aims you to have your home gain in value. We provide the necessary Supervision when hiring plumber, roofers, handy men, pressure washer, electricians and more to maintain or rehab your property. We take care as if it would be our own home.



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